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Our Objective

The Android Club, VIT Chennai is a Technical club specializing in Android App Development. Our objective is to help the students learn how to start with the basics of Android Development and progress towards building full fledged applications.


Create apps that are user friendly,and easy to use. Helping customers understand how to use it without much effort


Personalized content is trending so why shouldn't your app. We help you adapt content to the abilities and knowledge level of the user.


Create apps according to latest security standards. We follow protocols and runs security checklist before deployment of apps.

Cross Platform.

Don’t go by the name. Our apps are not just restricted to android, but we develop apps for iOS platforms too.

Our Team


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Shivam has an incredible thirst for learning practical skills. He will achieve the thing once he sets his mind on it, be it learning a new software within a day or two, or going for a ride to a completely different state. His dedication towards his work is just next level. And this is exact the reason why we need a leader like him.

Shivam Akhouri

Vice President

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Her clutch on organizing an event is just JEDI level. One thing you should be sure about having her on the team is that work will be done and dusted smoothly. Be it multitasking, management or staying calm and efficient, she is supple to fit in all these roles simultaneously. Don’t judge her by her habit of preparing Maggie at 2 AM…XD. Her mindful actions and critical decision-making skills have brought her where she is now.

Vidhi Ajbani

Operations Lead

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The calmest guy you’ll ever meet, he’s the type of guy to never lose his cool. Hates seriousness but when it comes to work, he’s the most serious guy around. He’s very reliable and will always have your back. Things are never not fun when he’s around. ;)

Krishna Kumar

Design Lead

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An extremely cooperative and consistent person, her best trade surely has to be getting the job done with high efficiency in a limited time and blending in well with people. Is serious about work but is as fun loving and reliable as a person can get. Dhruvi surely knows how to get stuff done

Dhruvi Ochani

Partnership and Marketing

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Although it may not seem like it, he has a lot of ideas on a lot of things, so its always good to consult him. He loves challenges, so feel free to throw your problems at him.Patience is not his forte so you’ll be on your toes. A big admirer of Virat Kohli, so keep your ears ready for a few Ben Stokes! xD

Rahul Gandhi

Management Head

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Call him whenever you need and he will be ready to help you out. The only drawback about him is that he can’t say NO. His amiable nature makes people rely on him. Whenever he takes upon the duty of getting work done, he will do it again and again till perfection is achieved. His lively nature lights up the mood of the whole team.

Aniket Kulkarni

Social media and content lead

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She’s a trustworthy and helpful person. She can be quite sometimes but has a loud mind. When she’s not lost in her fantasy world she’s all ears to new ideas and anything you wanna talk about.

Anegha Jain

Tech Design Lead

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People often mess up when they're impatient and that's why he's there for you to calm you down.

Shreyansh Agrawal

Tech Development Lead

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There's not much to say about Hareesh, he loves engineering, but not as much as 💀 or 👀. He's always willing to help and explain things in detail, almost to a fault, but only if you'll meet him at the library, because air conditioning and cold water are top priorities. He can be super cringey and make lame jokes at times, so consider yourself warned!

Hareesh Teja S

Tech Content Lead

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An adaptable and driven individual who enjoys meeting new individuals and learning about all things tech.

Satyam Singh

Our Alumni


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He has been a part of this club since his first year, got the opportunity to learn a lot from our seniors, and has imbibed many of their qualities. He doesn’t speak much but his actions surely speak volumes. His calm and steady nature has inspired and held the club together. Maybe that’s why his favorite quote is “let’s meditate”.

Abhishek Soni

Ex-Vice President

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2 AM or 2 PM, he is always there to solve any issue you have. He makes your errors his own so feel free to annoy the hell out of him (PS I hope he doesn’t get angry at you). His knowledge is way beyond the boundaries of Tech so don’t mistake him for just a nerdy geek.

Neelesh ranjan Jha

Ex-Vice President Management

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He could be described as one of the most zestful members of our core. His expertise has impressed many(hopefully). One day you will find him coding the other day designing a poster. He doesn't believe in mediocrity so gear up and give your best. The best way to bribe him is with a bottle of “Thums UP” and maybe play valorant with him.


Ex - General Secretary

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She is a perfectionist, so it’s either her way or the highway. She won’t hesitate to be the bad cop just to get the work done, That’s why every event is incomplete without her. Her skills are exclusive and exquisite. Her adventurous nature has taken this club to a whole new level. Let’s NOT Jinx it.

Shraddha Mehta

Ex-General Secretary

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She tries to make sense of all the chaos around us. Her patience is beyond our understanding. It’s not that easy to infuriate her so if she is angry at you “What have you done??”. She is basically an introvert but once you get to know her she is really an amazing person and maybe a tad bit annoying (just kidding).

Shreya Roy

Ex-WorkForce Lead

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She is one of the sweetest people you will ever meet but don’t ever think that’s her weakness cause well if you get on her bad side, Oops!!. She is brilliant at multitasking, solving complex issues is like a piece of cake for her. Hard work and dedication have got her where she is now and that’s what keeps her grounded to her roots.

Shrimayee Deshpande

Ex-Tech Lead

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His grasp on technology is just great( NO PUN INTENDED). There is nothing he doesn’t have the answer to, and if he doesn’t he will surely find the answer and get back to you. Apart from coding, Life for him is all about quoting The Office and hence, “Sometimes I’ll start a sentence and I don’t even know where it’s going. I just hope I find it along the way ”.

Naman Agarwal

Ex-Operations Lead

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One thing we know about him for sure is he can get the work done. He masters the cards he is dealt with in every situation to make the best out of it. His critical thinking is one of the reasons our club has the persona it does today. His judgment and execution skills are exemplary. No doubt all our events are a success!!


Our Events

Android Club has conducted various events through out it's history. These are some highlights of such events.

Tetraflip 2021

The Flagship Hackathon Organized by Android Club and OWASP Student Chapter.

Treasure Scan

A Treasure Hunt Event organized by Android Club in the Vibrance College Fest.

2020 HackerEarth Hackathon

One of the Major Hackathon organized by Android Club and OWASP Student Chapter in 2020.

Own Your Turf

Own Your Turf was a team event organized by Android Club during the Vibrance College Fest.

Our Projects

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